angela bassett as tina turner

Angela Bassett as tina turner:

Angela Bassett as tina turner is the owner of a personalized star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. A woman often plays in biographical tapes, where she plays the roles of famous African-American women, angela Bassett as tina turner.

For example, she played Tina Turner, Betty Shabazz, Rosa Parks, and Katherine Jackson. In the filmography of the actress, there are dozens of films, including those where she acted as a director and producer.
Angela was born on August 16, 1958, in Harlem, New York, USA. Little is known about the actress’s parents. In 1980, Bassett graduated from Yale University, Department of the Arts, and later received a master’s degree in fine art from a drama school.

While studying at the university, the girl began to play on the theatrical stage and star in series and films on local television channels. Finding Tomorrow, Hope Ryan, The Cosby Show, and 227 were Angela’s first film sets.
In the melodrama “Waiting for an Exhale”, Angela Bassett starred with Whitney Houston. The film tells about four women, their relationship with men and among themselves.
“Stella’s Hobbies” is a vivid drama featuring Angela. In the film, the actress starred as Stella Payne. Stella is a successful entrepreneur who has forgotten what rest and vacation are. Once a woman’s girlfriend decides to fix it, and the girls go to Jamaica.

In 2004, the film “Mr. 3000” was released on large screens. Together with Angela Bassett, the main role was played by Bernie Mack. The film describes the life of baseball player Stan Ross, who was called Mr. 3000, but after a series of three unsuccessful throws, a new name was attached to him – Mr. 2997.
Four years later, the actress played in the drama Boys and Men. Angela played the role of Rieta Cole – the mother of the family. Together with her in the film starred Robert Townsend, Victoria Rowell, Faison Love. The tape is not particularly famous in Russia, but in America, she found her viewer.

The superhero film “Green Lantern” did not receive high marks among critics, but the audience liked it. Ryan Reynolds played the role of the Green Lantern, his wife Blake Lively played the superhero girl. Angela got the role of Dr. Amanda Waller.

In the series “American Horror Story”, the actress performed several characters in different seasons. 3rd season of the series, she played Marie Lavaux, in the 4th season she played the role of the three-breasted woman Desiree Dupree, 5 viewers saw her as the vampire Ramona Royal, and in 6 she played the role of Monet Tumessimi, actress.
In 2015, Angela Bassett worked together with a powerful male team ( Gerard Butler, Aaron Eckhart, Morgan Freeman ) on the tape “Olympus Fall”. In the action movie, unknown criminals want to kill all the heads of Western states at one time.

Another role in the film about superheroes, the role of Ramonda – Panther ‘s mother, went to the actress in the movie “Black Panther”. The film was released in 2018 and entered the third stage of the development of history from the Marvel company. Also this year, the long-awaited Avengers: Infinity War movie is released, where the star will again play the colorful Ramonda.

In the same year, Angela Bassett can be seen in the action movie “Mission Impossible: Consequences.” The continuation of the already classic franchise promises to raise millions of dollars at the box office. Favorite actors, fights and special effects will attract the attention of fans of the films “Mission Impossible”.
Now Angela Bassett starred in the films of the Marvel Studios in the role of Ramonda, Queen of the fictional country of Wakanda. She also works on the action movie Mission Impossible and discusses work in a new comedy film.
The actress tries to spend more time with her family. On her Instagram, she publishes photos with her children and her husband, how they celebrate holidays, walks, and relax. Angela is also actively involved in the political life of the United States.

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