Giselle Torres height, weight, age and body measurements

Giselle Torres Body Measurements:

Giselle Torres Body Measurements show that she is a great American dancer, singer, and actress. She starts her YouTube channel for his best work. He uploads her videos and her original music videos. Giselle born in the United States on 31 May 2002. She very younger girl who did her work easily.

She is a very intelligent student and she just goes to high school. She starts stage from age three and she starts her channel in 2006. On this channel, she includes many things like dance, vlogs, and her songs.
After you tube she starts many other activities like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook. She looks like a model and posts her amazing modeling photos. Her followers are around about 1B on youtube. She gets fame from the age of eleven and day to day improves.

Due to her work, she gets a good budget and her estimated net worth is $ 1 million. She gets this amount from her good work on youtube and as a model. She is very genius because she does her job very actively and successfully. As compared to other actresses, she does not hate her career. Her main focused on her career, not her private life.

Giselle Torres Biography

Born Name Giselle Angelica Torres
Age 18
Height 5 ft 5 inch
Weight 50 kg
Body Measurements 34-24-35 inches
Bara Size 32 A
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark Brown
Sexual Orientation Straight

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