Health benefits of green tea

 5 Reasons to drink green tea every day


Protects the heart

Health Benefits of Green TeaMajor Health Benefits of Green Tea is it protects the heart. Of course, long-term and large-scale studies are needed to confirm the effect of green tea on heart health. But the preliminary results, however, look promising. One study, which summarized the results of 11 papers on the topic, found that black and green teas have a beneficial effect on lipid levels and blood pressure. 

And a recent report from Harvard Medical School (Harvard Medical School) indicates that flavonoids in green tea help suppress inflammation. which in turn reduces the accumulation of harmful substances in arteries. In addition to this, green tea increases the antioxidant functions of the blood, reducing cholesterol levels, which is directly related to the reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Cares for the oral cavity

Studies have shown that polyphenols in green tea have an antimicrobial and deodorizing effect, which can neutralize volatile sulfur compounds that cause bad breath. Green tea also has antiviral properties that can affect both bacteria and fungi. In fact, the antiviral properties of green tea are, perhaps, the most supported by science from the entire list. So this item just needs to take note.


But this is not what you thought. To perceive green tea as a miracle remedy that helps the body burn more calories is wrong and even dangerous. On the other hand, with all the bonuses for this health drink, they can (and should) replace at least half of the sweet drinks in the diet. And then he will be truly dietary.

Reduces the risk of cancer

Another health Benefits of Green Tea is it reduces chances of cancer. Due to the fact that green tea contains many polyphenolic compounds – such as antioxidants. Which reduce the likelihood of developing chronic diseases by improving the cellular function of tissues. It is actually potentially capable of that.

But why tea? The secret is that, unlike fruits and vegetables containing no less than polyphenols. It contains a lot of EGCG catechin – a natural antioxidant that can reduce the number of free radicals in the body. A review of 51 studies on the topic found some evidence that EGCG in green tea may be useful for reducing the risks associated with lung cancer, pancreatic cancer, and colorectal cancer.

Helps the brain

Another major Health Benefits of Green Tea is it helps in brain functions. Because green tea contains caffeine, known for its stimulating properties, this does not seem surprising. But green tea also contains L-Theanine. Which increases the amount of gamma-aminobutyric acid in the brain, contributing to calm and relaxation. In addition, L-theanine is associated with better concentration abilities and easier sleep and better sleep. Simply put, solid pros – and no cons. Important: remember that green tea contains caffeine, so if you decide to reduce its consumption for one reason or another, it is important to monitor the number of cups per day.


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