Hilary Duff Age, net worth, bra size, weight, and Biography

Hilary Duff net worth

Hilary Duff net worth (Actress, Singer, Songwriter, Author)

Actress Hilary Duff net worth became the second child in the family of housewives and co-owner of the grocery store chain. Hilary Duff is very talented and she starts different targets at a young age. The girl has an older sister, Haley, now she also works as a singer and actress. In childhood, the sisters together began to practice acting. Hilary took the stage at the age of 6 years. Then she got Hilary Duff net worth a role in the ballet “The Nutcracker”.

Duff sisters dreamed so much about an acting career that they moved with their mother to California. His father did not agree to move, stayed in Texas, as a result of his parents divorced. For several years, Hilary went to endless interviews Hilary Duff net worth and castings, and eventually got a place with her sister in various commercials. 


 In 1999, the girl was invited to the film “Soul Collector”. The work was so good that the actress was awarded the Young Artist Award for the best supporting role. But after a year there was a lull, the girl in 2000 did not receive a single offer. But a year later, she flashed into the role of Lily in the film “Human Nature”. Hilary Duff was completely at a loss when she was Hilary Duff net worth given a cameo role in the comedy “Daddio”, and after a test shoot, was shot.

Then the girl seriously thought about how to give up acting career. Her relatives helped to survive this moment, they did not let her give up her Hilary Duff net worth dream. It turned out for good reason. A little later, the actress passed the tests for the comedy “Cadet Kelly” in 2002, where, by the way, the girl was given the main role. At age 13, Hilary won the lead in the family comedy “Lizzie McGuire.” The series was shown in 2001-2003. Success accompanied the picture for 2 years, Duff also appeared in all 65 series and became the idol of teenagers.

In 2003, the 16-year-old actress had already set foot on the path of more serious roles. Moreover, she began to combine two types of activity – acting and singing. Moreover, one did not interfere with the other.

In 2005 the comedy melodrama “The Perfect Man” by Mark Rosman made a Hilary Duff net worth impetus in his career. Well, then Hilary appeared in a small role in the comedy “Wholesale Cheaper 2” by Adam Shankman.

The man was returning home after 20 years of service, and it turned out that the spouse was no longer so cheerful, and the sons were nothing. One began to drink and get involved in fallen women, the second has made a lot of enemies. At the same time, the actress starred in the film “Excellent Education”, as well as in the thriller “The Story of Bonnie and Clyde.”

MUSIC It is worth noting that Hilary Duff:

Successfully intertwined her acting career with singing. It all started with the film “Cinema Lizzy Maguire” in 2003, when the girl recorded a song for this film. At the same time, the actress released the first album, it was a collection of Christmas songs “Santa Clause Lane”. There were duets with Milan and Romeo, as well as sister Hayley. Then a few more songs were released, already for the full-length version of the TV series “Lizzie Maguire”. In 2003, the solo album Metamorphosis was recorded. The disc was on the tops of the charts of America, Hilary Duff net worth and even received the status of one of the most successful. Almost immediately, Duff went on tour, concert tickets bought up almost immediately after the start of sales.

A new disc called “Most Wanted” appeared in 2005. There were only 2 new songs here, the rests are the artist’s favorite songs and remixes. Two years later, another album “Dignity” appeared. His duets are due to Beyonce, Gwen Stefani, and Akon. Critics, by the way, were kind to the record.


We cannot say that the personal life of the singer and actress develops successfully. Hilary herself always thought so. But gradually the situation began to level off. Duff broke up with singer Aaron Carter and began an affair with Joel Madden from Good Charlotte. But the girl did not meet with him for a long time either. It was one of the sad events in Duff’s life.

One more thing – this is the story with the persistent fan Maxim Mayakovsky. Because of him, Hilary was forced to go to court. The guy wanted to enter into a love relationship with the actress, Hilary Duff net worth but after refusing to become threatened with murder. For this, he was sentenced to 117 days in prison and five years on probation.

First given nameHilary Erhard Duff
NicknameHil, Duff
Age31 Years
Birthday28 September. 1987
Place of birthHouston, Texas, U.S.
Star signLibra
Hair ColorDyed Blonde
Height5 feet 2 inch
Weight55 kg
Bra size32 B
Waist size27 inch
Hips size36 inch


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