how much did Shaq weigh when he was born

How much did Shaq weigh when he was born

How much did Shaq weigh when he was born. Shaquille O’Neill – a person whose name has long gone down in the history of basketball. In the NBA, he spent more than 1,400 matches. The Achilles heel of the famous player – free throw.

But, despite the weaknesses used by opponents in a special tactic, the player entered the list of the best.
The father of the future athlete was arrested in 1972 for possession of drugs. Tony O’Neill served time, but after his release, he gave up his paternal duties in favor of Philip Harrison, the new husband of Shaquille’s mother. This man replaced the boy with his father. Shaquille was born in Newark. However, in the early years, he visited different cities: his stepfather was a military man, and therefore had to often move. For some time, the family lived in Texas, where Shaquille received secondary education. This is where the sports career began.

Shaquille played for the school team, for two years he brought her victory and achieved the title of champion of Texas. O’Neill received a university education. Today, near the building of the main university of Louisiana stands a statue depicting the famous graduate. O’Neill’s height and weight are striking: 216 cm, 147 kg. But for titles, this, of course, is not enough. He did not take the first place in the center ratings – the title of the best belonged to Wilt Chamberlain – four-time NBA champion. O’Neill is not perfect. It can not be called the greatest center. However, explosive strength and power allowed Shaquille to maintain a record – the highest percentage of hits over nine seasons.
On a professional level, O’Neill made his first appearance on the Orlando Magic. Then the basketball player was barely 20, but he already managed to become famous, playing for the university team. Student games in the US are taken seriously. The decisive university matches attract as much attention as the NBA playoffs final. But then, in the early 90s, no one could even imagine how bright the star of young O’Neill would shine in the future.

In the first season, a guy with a height of 216 cm was named the best rookie of the league and was remembered as a giant who easily managed to destroy a basketball backboard. Thanks to O’Neill, the club first hit the playoffs. And already in the third season, Shaquille managed to get Orlando to the finals. True, there was already a complete defeat for the team. As part of the Orlando, O’Neill failed to get the title of champion. Nevertheless, the game was remembered by the fans, and some shots are still not forgotten.

In the 2009-2010 season, Shaquille played already as part of the Cleveland Cavaliers, then he was injured, which subsequently became the main reason for ending his career. But that leaves, Shaquille announced only in 2011. He previously signed a contract that brought in $ 1.4 million. As part of the Boston Celtics, the center missed more than forty games due to injury. In June, O’Neill reportedly quitting sports on Twitter.
Shaquille did not spend the thoughtlessly earned millions. Already in the early 90s, he made competent investments. The money earned on the basketball court was invested in the developing companies Apple, General Electric, Pepsi Co. But often players go broke five to six years after leaving the sport.

O’Neill earned approximately 290 million. In the early ’90s, after signing a contract with Magic, the grateful son bought his parents a house and a car, spending a million. Subsequently, Shaquille managed finances carefully.
The athlete today devotes more time to the cinema. In 2017, three films were released, and in 2018 – the comedy “Uncle Drew.” O’Neill, as before, participates in advertising campaigns.

In 2018, Code Media plans to release several models of augmented reality glasses. It is not yet known when the devices will appear in stores, but they have interested consumers. After all, Shaquille O’Neill was the first to try points.


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