how old is bebe rexha

How old is Bebe Rexha

How old is Bebe Rexha. Bibi Rex is an extraordinary personality and an ambiguous phenomenon in modern pop music. Staying behind the scenes, she wrote music for other artists (for example, the song “Monster” for Eminem and Rihanna or “Hey Mama” for David Getty, “Like a Champion” for Selena Gomez), but the very first songs in her own performance won the hearts fans all over the world.

At the age of 21, the Albanian Glamour, the father of Bibi, moved from his native Debar (a city in Western Macedonia) to the United States at the age of 21. Having settled in Brooklyn, New York, he married an American girl who had Albanian roots.
In high school, she began to write her own songs. Listening to music on the radio, she understood that she could create a composition no worse and even better. Bibi herself mastered the popular computer music editors, putting aside pocket money on recording equipment. “I was a producer from my own bedroom,” the girl subsequently joked.
In 2012, Wentz unilaterally terminated the contract with Bibi without explanation. At that time, she had already written several compositions for other artists. Among her songs that have become hits is the famous “The Monster” for Eminem and Rihanna, which Bibi wrote for 2 years.
Beginning of Bibi’s solo career, which by 2013 gained popularity as the author of hits performed by David Getty, Pitt bull, Asher and Selena Gomez, is considered the composition “Take Me Home”. The dance tune recorded together with Cash Cash and posted by Bibi on her page in SoundCloud, overnight revealed the name of the new star to millions of listeners. With the release of the video for Take Me Home in 2014, the number of fans of the young singer began to increase.

In 2015, the singer released her first mini-album, which included only five songs. “I Don`t Wanna Grow Up” was released under the label Warner Bros. Records, and in 2016, the singer released a video for the song “No Broken Hearts”, which won first places in the charts of different countries. In 2017, the second Bibi mini-album was released, the compositions from which, as expected, became the leaders in downloading on iTunes.
The release of the first full-length album of the singer was a striking event in the summer of 2018, fans of Bibi’s work expected him for several years. “Expectations”, consisting of 14 tracks, was recorded in the pop-rock genre. The album includes both I Got You and Mean to Be hits, as well as completely new songs. Despite the enthusiastic reaction of Bibi fans, critics rated the album not very highly, noting its “pop music” and even commonplace, as well as a reckoning on the mass listener, which, in their opinion, had a bad effect on the quality of the music.
With the album “Expectations”, the singer toured Europe. According to Bibi, the reviews of critics did not affect her mood in any way, she intends to continue to write music in which she will embody her feelings and expectations. “I know that people like my sincerity,” Bibi said in an interview with SNCMedia.

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