how old is sabrina carpenter

How old is Sabrina Carpenter

How old is Sabrina Carpenter. Sabrina Carpenter is a young American star who builds a creative career in two directions at once: film and music. The actress has been filming since 2011, and to date, Maya Hart is considered her most stellar role in the Disney TV series “Riley Stories.” And the singer’s debut mini-album Can’t Blame a Girl for Trying, released in 2014, topped the youth music charts and received the Radio Disney Music Awards.

Sabrina Ann Lynn Carpenter was born on May 11, 1999, in Lehigh Valley, PA. Father – David Carpenter, mother – Elizabeth Cartwright. The official biography of the artist does not mention the profession of parents. It is only known that one of the mother’s sisters, Nancy Cartwright, is an actress.
In the marriage of David and Elizabeth, three daughters appeared – Sarah, Shannon, and the younger Sabrina. The girls also have an older sister on their father – Kayla. She works in the beauty industry (hairstylist). Shannon is engaged in dancing, and Sarah is engaged in music and now sings in backing vocals with her younger sister.
All this was just a warm-up before the first big role in her filmography – Maya Hart in the series “The Girl Knows the World” (known at the Russian box office as “Riley’s Tales”). Carpenter played a close friend of the main character Riley Matthews, her image embodied Rowan Blanchard. Unlike the calm, brooding Riley Maya, she is an active, wayward rebel, cheerful and amorous. Sabrina became the constant heroine of the series throughout all 3 seasons that he went on TV from 2014 to 2017.

In 2015, Hollywood Records released her full-length debut album, Eyes Wide Open, which was enthusiastically received by both fans and critics. The record won the Radio Disney Music Award 2016.

The singer’s next album, entitled “Evolution”, is released in 2016. Then Sabrina announced the beginning of a big tour in his support. The song “Thumbs”, which the artist performed at the “Radio Disney Music Awards 2017”, was a striking hit of the album.
Then, in 2016, Carpenter began acting in the television movie “The Adventures of a Nanny” and took part in the dubbing of the animated series “Milo Murphy’s Law.” In 2017, the girl toured Europe with The Vamps, and also went on a summer tour with New Hope Club and released the single, Why.

In 2018, Sabrina starred in the crime drama “The Lie You Generate” about a girl named Starr who witnessed the murder but cannot tell anyone about it due to personal reasons. Carpenter played the main character’s girlfriend.
In 2019, fans of the artist expect her to appear in the new film “The Short History of the Long Road”. In this picture, Sabrina has the main role.

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