how tall is charlotte flair

How tall is Charlotte Flair.

How tall is charlotte flair. Ashley Elizabeth Flair is an American professional wrestler, daughter of the legendary Rick Flair. He currently performs at WWE on the Raw brand under the name Charlotte Flair. He is a second-generation wrestler, sister of David, and the late Reed Flair.

She made her debut in the preparatory site of WWE NXT in 2012. In May 2014, she became the NXT Women’s Champion and was recognized as the Rookie of the Year by Pro Wrestling Illustrated. Shortly after moving to the main team, in September 2015, Charlotte became the WWE Div champion, and at WrestleMania 32 the first-ever WWE Women’s champion. Subsequently, after the separation of brands, she began to wear the title of champion of Women Raw. In a relatively short period of time, Charlotte became a 4-time champion of women, which so far is a record.

In October 2016, at Hell in a Cell, Charlotte and Sasha’s Banks made WWE history as the first woman to lead the PPV. Together, they several times participated in the main match of the evening on Raw in October and November, which was the first women’s main event of the weekly magazine since 2004. To top it all off, Charlotte became the first woman to win Pro Wrestling Illustrated in the category “Best Food of the Year”. According to their version, in 2016 Charlotte is the woman of the year in the world of professional wrestling.

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