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Katherine Zeta-Jones net worth (Actress, Net worth)

 Famous actress Katherine Zeta-Jones net worth. She was born on September 25, 1969, in Wales, in the UK. Parental home and today for her – the best place on the planet. Katherine Zeta-Jones net worth and her age are 49 years.

Her father is David James Jones, the owner of the Welsh pastry center, and her mother is a seamstress. Zeta is not part of the family name, but a middle name (Catherine Zeta-Jones), given in honor of her grandmother and made part of the actor’s pseudonym. In childhood, she participated in amateur theatrical productions, at the age of 14 she was invited to audition for participation in a television show. Katherine Zeta-Jones net worth is $45 million.



Debut on the big screen, in a big movie, is associated with the play of Catherine in the film “Scheherazade”, which was filmed in France.

On the photographs of a movie star, you can see a scar on her neck. This is a certificate of Catherine underwent 5 years of surgery Katherine Zeta-Jones net worth – a tracheotomy. Doctors from the Morriston Hospital in Swansea managed to save the life of young talent. The actress refused to remove a noticeable postoperative scar on the neck. He, according to celebrity, is intended to remind of the frailty of life.

1993 – Zeta-Jones moves to the United States, where she plays roles in the short film “Christopher Columbus: The Discovery” and in the serial “The Chronicles of Young Indiana Jones.” These film works of the actress were the first in the States. To dream in the drama “Thunder out of the blue” Zeta-Jones returns for some time to his homeland, Katherine Zeta-Jones net worth where she began a short affair with the director of the picture. 1995 was marked by the participation of Catherine in the American TV series “Catherine the Great”.

In 1987, Zeta-Jones made her debut in London in the 42nd Street musical. A year later, she was offered the role of Scheherazade in the film “1001 nights” by Philip De Brock. In 1991, Catherine starred in the television show “The Cute Buds of May,” which brought her even greater fame.

Success in Film industry:

The further career of the actress has developed rapidly in Hollywood. In 2003, Zeta-Jones won an Oscar for a supporting role in the musical “ Chicago ”. In her native Wales, Catherine founded her own film company, Milkwood Films. One of the notable works of the actress is a role in the film Legend of Zorro (2005) with Antonio Banderas.

In 2007, viewers saw their favorite actress in the comedy “Taste of Life”. To better prepare for the role of Kate Armstrong, Katherine Zeta-Jones net worth worked as an evening waitress at the prestigious restaurant Fiamma Osteria. Many visitors paid attention to the actress and were surprised at her resemblance to a celebrity. To this, Zeta-Jones replied: “They always say that to me.”

In 2009 came the melodrama “nanny call”, where the screen beloved actress Justin Bart played. The story of the tape turned around a couple with a difference in age of 15 years. And the senior partner in the romantic union was a woman.

Every year, with Catherine Zeta-Jones, 2-3 new films are released. In 2013, she starred in the projects “The City of Vice”, “Side Effect” and “Red 2”. Then in the career of an actress was a forced break due to personal problems. In 2015, Catherine returned to work, Katherine Zeta-Jones net worth she is removed in films and in advertising brands. The actress’s fee for a 7-minute Unilever commercial was $ 2.5 million.

Personal life:

Since November 18, 2000, Zeta-Jones is married to actor Michael Douglas, with whom she met 2 years before their wedding. The couple has two children – the son of Dylan Michael Douglas (born 08/08/2000) and the daughter of Carys Zeta Douglas (born 20.04.2003).

In April 2011, Kathryn was treated for bipolar affective disorder, and in April 2013 for bipolar disorder of the second type.

On August 16, 2013, Michael Douglas announced his intention to file for divorce. The reason for this statement was the fact that Katherine Zeta-Jones net worth the actor “is unable to tolerate more global depression, which is clearly expressed due to Catherine’s illness.” However, in November 2013 it became known that the spouses had restored their relationship.

First given nameKatherine Zeta-Jones
Older49 Years
Place of birthSwansea, Wales
Star signLibra
Hair ColorBlack
Height 5 feet 7 inch
Weight57 kg
Bra size36C
Waist size25 inch
Hips size36 inch


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