kenn whitaker and forest whitaker

Kenn Whitaker and Forest Whitaker:

Kenn Whitaker and Forest Whitaker. Forest Whitaker is an American actor and director, best known for playing the role of Ugandan president, General Idi Amin, in the drama The Last King of Scotland, for which he was awarded an Oscar. Viewers also rated Forest Whitaker’s films Bird, Black Christmas, and Trick.

On account of Whitaker, in addition to the Oscar, such awards as the Golden Globe, BAFTA, and the Cannes Film Festival Award.

The biography of Forest Whitaker originates in the small city of Longview from Texas, and at the age of four, he moved with his parents to Los Angeles. The future actor was the third person with that name after his father and grandfather. He was born into the family of an insurance agent Forest Whitaker and his wife Laura Francis. Forest has an older sister, Debord, and younger brothers, Ken and Damon. It is noteworthy that, already having small children in her arms, Laura entered the university, received two higher educations, and became a school teacher.
He becomes the protagonist in the thriller “The Diary of a Hired Killer”, the criminal story “Rage in Harlem”, the shocking sexual melodrama “Cruel Game”, the crime action movie. Often Forest Whitaker is compared to Martin Lawrence, the star of the comedy action movie The Diamond Cop. But with the external similarity, colleagues are distinguished by acting talent: Whitaker prefers dramatic roles to comedic images.

The year 2008 was successful for the artist when Forest got the main role in the crime thriller Kings of the Streets. Whitaker reincarnated as a police captain, covering the city mafia for years. His colleague, Detective Ludlow ( Keanu Reeves ), learning about this, kills the boss. Films with the participation of Forest Whitaker’s “Freelancers” and “Pawn”, in which they again spoke about the criminal world, were popular.
In 2013, the actor played a major role in the biographical biopic “Butler”. In the film, there was talk of the hero Cecil, who had served as a servant in the White House all his life. American history happened before his eyes, he witnessed the transformation of the oppressed class into equal representatives of civil society, one of which once becomes the head of state. In the film, Oprah Winfrey appeared as the butler’s wife.
It remains to add that Forest Whitaker also tried himself as a filmmaker. He started making films in the early 90s and released half a dozen paintings, of which the romantic melodrama “Glimpses of Hope” and the youth comedy “First Daughter” are considered the most successful. Whitaker’s door-to-door production work won an Emmy Award.
In 2017, with the participation of Whitaker, only one picture was released – the thriller “Forgiven” about the time of Nelson Mandela’s reign in South Africa.

Now the actor’s repertoire is replenished with new projects. With the participation of Forest Whitaker, the action movie Black Panther, the fantastic comedy Sorry for Bother, the drama Berden has already been released. The detective drama City of Lies about the investigation into the murder of rapper Tupak Shakur, who was killed in 1996, is being prepared for the show. The main roles of the disgraced investigator and journalist are played by Johnny Depp and Forest Whitaker. The movie trailer is available on the Instagram social network. Also, the artist’s participation in the thriller “Fall” on the investigation of serial killings on the banks of the Mississippi River.

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