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MONICA BELLUCCI 2019 (Actress, Model)

Great Actress Monica Bellucci – the world-famous Italian actress who starred in a lot in Hollywood, a model. For many, Monica is the embodiment of true beauty and femininity. MONICA BELLUCCI age is 54  years.

Monica Bellucci’s parents had a difficult fate. Her father is an immigrant from Baluchistan (a region in Western Afghanistan), an Iranian by nationality and a Muslim, barely making ends meet. Monica’s future mom, Brunella Briganty, was raised all her life in the Catholic faith, but she, in defiance of her relatives and friends, married a poor foreigner.

They settled in the small Italian town of Città di Castello. The man was engaged in agricultural work, his wife became an artist. They lived poorly, but soul to soul. And only one clouded their union – for a long time they had no children. Doctors diagnosed the woman with “infertility” and advised to hope for a miracle. So when, on September 30, 1964, their daughter Monica came into the world, her parents perceived this as God’s business.

The future celebrity grew up in a poor family and understood that only education could compensate for the lack of money, therefore Monica Bellucci was a diligent student at the school. In her youth, in addition to her native language, Monica Bellucci mastered French and English, as well as the basics of Spanish.


At 16, she was already walking down the runway at Liceo Classico. Monica had a taste for reincarnating into glamorous images and catching admiring glances of photographers, and she abandoned her childhood dream of a career in jurisprudence.

In 1983, she wanted to enter the Faculty of Law at the University of Perugia, but she had to abandon her studies because of her busy schedule. In 1988, the 24-year-old Monica moved to Milan, where she signed a contract with the model agency Elite Model Management. A year later, Monica Bellucci was already well known by representatives of the fashion industry in New York and Paris.


Monica Bellucci has achieved considerable success in the modeling business but did not want to stop there. She made her acting debut in 1990 in Italian cinema. Her first works were episodic roles in the tapes “Life with Sons”, “Abuse” and “Bandits”.

In 1992, the celebrated director Francis Ford Coppola radically changed the situation and called Bellucci to play the role of Dracula’s bride in a film with Gary Oldman as a bloodthirsty earl and young Winona Ryder and Keanu Reeves. This was Monica’s first serious role, albeit a very small one. After that, she began to receive offers from directors from America and Europe.

Successful career from 1997:

In 1997, Monica Bellucci took part in the filming of three films at once – “Stress”, “How do you want me” and “Bad tone”; “About those who love.” Job offers and fell on the beautiful Italian, but Monica was very critical and demanding for everyone. The girl tried to choose only those roles where her talent could be fully revealed, and not just show her, and without that obvious beauty.

In 2001, Monica, together with her husband, Vincent Cassel, appeared in the film “The Brotherhood of the Wolf”, for which she received another award for her work – the Saturn Prize for Best Supporting Actress. She then played Cleopatra in the adventure comedy Asterix & Obelix: Mission Cleopatra with Gerard Depardieu. The tape was doomed to success, largely due to the participation in her Bellucci, because Monica is the very embodiment of royal beauty and the role of the last Egyptian queen as if created specifically for her.

Next, the actress again played with Vincent Cassel – this time in the action-packed thriller The Secret Agents (2004). But her next successful Hollywood project was the fantasy “Brothers Grimm” (2005) by Terry Gilliam, telling an alternative biography of the most famous German storytellers

Acting Career from 2010 – 2017:

Also worth noting are the films with her participation “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” (2010) with Nicolas Cage and “Love: Instructions for Use” with Robert De Niro. From 2014, the actress played an opera diva in the popular Amazon series “Mozart in the Jungle” with Gael Garcia Bernal. In 2015, Bellucci became the first mature woman of Bond ( Daniel Craig ) in the new part of the bonding – “007: SPECTRUM”. 

In 2016, the actress was lucky to work with the cult Serbian director Emir Kusturica on his war melodrama “The Milky Way”. Bellucci played the beloved of the protagonist in whom Kusturica himself reincarnated.

In 2017, the actress held the opening and closing ceremonies of the Cannes Film Festival for the second time. She also appeared in the 14th episode as a cameo in the sequel of David Lynch ’s Twin Peaks. Bellucci also agreed to take part in the fantasy horror film “Necromancer” and the thriller “Spider on the Web”, where Ben Kingsley will also play.


The famous Italian actress had romances only with her colleagues in the shop – at first, she was married to Argentinian photographer Claudio Brasso for a very short time, then she was engaged to Italian actor Nicola Farron.

With her future second husband – French actor Vincent Cassel – Monica met in 1996 on the set of the melodrama “Apartment”, where they played a couple in love.

In 2004, the 40-year-old actress was born the first child – the girl was named Deva. The birth of a child brought Vincent and Monique very close and strengthened their relationship. Bellucci did not stay up on maternity leave, and after 9 months of breastfeeding, she returned to the set. In May 2010, Monica Bellucci gave birth to a second daughter, Leoni.

In 2013, the star couple Cassel-Bellucci, to the frustration of many fans, broke up. Perhaps their role was played by the frequent forced and voluntary partings of the former spouses, the actress later admitted that the independence of everyone later put their relationship at risk, and then they simply decided to break up.

First given nameMonica Anna Maria Bellucci
Age54 Years
Birthday30 September 1964
Place of birthCitta di Castello, Umbria, Italy
Star signLibra
Hair ColorDark Brown
Height5 feet 7 inch
Weight64 kg
Bra size34 C
Waist size25 inch
Hips size36 inch


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