Natalie Portman Net worth and Biography

Natalie Portman Net worth and Biography

Natalie Portman Net worth and Biography 2019

She is a Natalie Portman Net worth actress, producer and film director of  America and Israel. She was born on 9 June 1981 Jerusalem. Her parents were very close to their traditions That’s why to decide the name of Natalie according to those traditions Her grandparents were  Jewish and Natalie Portman Net worth they move towards the United States.

Natalie was a brilliant student. She wants to do some extraordinary works because she says “I am a different student as compared to others because I observe things and use that for a long time. My observation is different from others and I get a great benefit from that observation. My observation is related to research as well as from my acting. ” 

Her net worth is $54 million.


Natalie starts her career from age 4. She starts dancing and acting at the school level. In first audition (in 1993) she played the role of an orphan child. Her first movie was released in 1994 was Leon. In 1997 she played her role in different movies as well as in TV shows. But day to day she gets unexpected popularity.

Natalie plays a role in a movie related to Independence in 2004. This was a great movie that year which got the best movie award. After that, she expands her acting career and played different roles. Like in horror movies, in science fiction movies and some action movies. But she gets a great success.

Natalie is an animal rights advocate and she is a vegetarian. That’s why she wants to protect the animals and she wants to stop the hunting of animals including chicken. 

Body Measurements:

Natalie Portman is so attractive and hot. Her age is 37 years. Natalie’s height is 5 feet 3 inch and weight is 50 Kg. Her bra size is 34A Waist size is 25 inches and hip size is 35 inches.

Hit Movies:

Natalie Portman is a famous actress. Below is a short list of her hit movies

“Black Swan (2010)”, “Jackie (2016)”, “Leon (1994)”, “Thor (2011)”, “V for Vendetta (2005)”, “Brothers (2009)”.

Married Life:

Natalie was very close to her traditions as her parents. That’s why she got married to a Jewish and her children are also Jewish. In 2009 she meets with a France ballet dancer (Benjamin Mille pied) and after a long time, she announces that she will get married to him and she is pregnant.  They get married in a Jewish ceremony in 2012. She has 2 children’s son (Aleph) and a daughter (Amalia).

Name Natalie Portman
Date of Birth9 June 1981
Age37 years.
Height 5 feet 3 inch
weight 50 Kg
Bra size34A
Waist size25 inches
Hip size35 inches
net worth$54 million.


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