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Rose Leslie Net Worth:

Rose Leslie net worth is a promising British actress of aristocratic descent. Gained fame after the role of the maid Gwen in the series “Downton Abbey”, and the role of the wild Igritt in the series “Game of Thrones” brought her special popularity.

Rose Leslie was born into a noble family whose history goes back to the ancient families of Scottish peers and lords. Rose’s father, Sebastian Arbuthnot Leslie, was a venerable entrepreneur and was the main numerous clan of Leslie. The mother of the future actress, Candida Maria Sibylla, came from the clan of the English monarch Charles II. The girl grew up in a family estate – Liklihead Castle, built in the XV century. At the same time, the family had another castle (XII century) – the majestic Worthhill, located in the Scottish expanses. Of course, Rose Leslie’s childhood could not be called “difficult”, although her family was large: the future star was the third child, and after her, two more children were born. Rose grew up in a large friendly family.

The girl explained her desire to become an actress with the desire to draw attention to herself. The young actress said that when all Leslie gathered at a large dining table, she had to scream to be noticed. Somehow, Rose even managed to hide her mother’s jewelry, so that after discovering the loss, bring them first and earn mother’s praise.
Her first work was filmed in the documentary series “Misadventures Abroad” (2008). This project of the National Geographic television channel was dedicated to the stories of people who ended up in jail abroad. In 2009, Leslie took part in the filming of the movie “New City”. The young actress so brilliantly played the role of Riana, that she even won the British Academy of Arts award as the most promising actress.
Rose also became a very successful year for 2010 – she was approved for the role of a maid Gwen Dawson in the series Downton Abbey. The blue-blood girl had to reincarnate as a modest maid, and she did it brilliantly! When her heroine said: “I am the daughter of a poor man, I’m not used to the fact that my dreams come true,” the audience believed her words. Thanks to the sensational project, Rose Leslie firmly entrenched with the film industry and fell in love with the mass audience.

October 2011 was truly special for Rose Leslie. It was then that her candidacy was approved for the cast of the fantasy series “Game of Thrones.” She got the role of a “wild” girl named Igritt, and the girl’s main partner on the set was the young Briton Keith Harington, who plays John Snow, one of Stark’s six children. As Leslie herself later noted, the character of the heroine and herself was very similar, and therefore the shooting brought her great pleasure.
In the same year, Rose played in two criminal television shows: Faith and Crimes of the Past. Her roles were small but serious. In 2013, the girl appeared in an episode of the British series Utopia, playing the character of actress Geraldine James, a female scientist Milner, in her youth.

In 2016, two large projects with her participation saw the light of day. The drama Notes from Paradise was presented on February 1, 2016. The film was dedicated to a dancer who is forced to return home to Florida to look after her father with cancer. Rose also starred in the sci-fi thriller “Morgan” directed by Luke Scott. In the film, the corporate risk consultant is given a difficult task – to solve the problem of the existence of piece life, secretly created in the company’s laboratories.
Since 2017, Rose Leslie has been busy on the set of the series Good Fight, the spin-off of the legal drama The Good Wife. The actress plays the main role – the young lawyer Mayu, whose career was destroyed by a financial scam by her relative Diana Lockhart (Christine Baranski). Together, women join the team of lawyer Lucca Quinn.

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