10 Unusual Signs of Breast Cancer

Symptoms of breast cancer in women. Most women believe that breast cancer always begins with lumps and lumps in the breast. This dangerous myth leads to a late diagnosis. Different types of breast cancer give different symptoms, and lumps are far from the only symptom.

Every 8 women in the world run the risk of breast cancer throughout her life. Without proper treatment, he is fatal. Meanwhile, cancer that is detected in its early stages is cured with a 100% guarantee for the next 5 years. ‘

Breast cancer is a dangerous disease that takes thousands of lives every year. Despite the fact that this type of cancer has been studied better than others and can be treated well in the early stages, in Russia the mortality rate from it remains extremely high. Each year, more than 55,000 women hear this terrible diagnosis, and only half manage to overcome cancer.

It is believed that breast cancer affects only those who have a genetic propensity for this. This is only partly true. Indeed, women whose direct relatives, especially mothers and grandmothers, suffered from this disease are at risk and should be regularly examined by a breast doctor. However, such a diagnosis is not insured, and those in whose family no one had this disease. Approximately 70% of the patients had no hereditary susceptibility to cancer.

Risk factors that can trigger the development of a tumor include hormonal imbalance, childlessness, and large families, very late first birth, early onset and late cessation of menstruation, mastopathy, smoking addiction, and alcohol, obesity, and frequent stress, hypertension, inflammation uterus and ovaries, atherosclerosis, hypothyroidism and liver disease. But it happens that cancer is found in patients who are not in any of these risk groups.

Signs of Breast Cance:

1) Skin structure changes:

Breast cancer can provoke the development of inflammation in the skin cells, which can lead to changes in its structure. Examples of these changes include flaky skin around the nipple and areola as if the skin is tanned or extremely dry; thickening of the skin in any part of the chest.

These changes may also be accompanied by itching. Such manifestations on the skin can be symptoms of a rare type of breast cancer called Paget’s disease. Similar symptoms may also occur as a result of benign skin conditions, including dermatitis and eczema.

2) Discharge from the nipple:

There may be nipple discharge, which may be small or abundant, and also vary in color from clear, milky, yellow to green or red.

This condition is the norm for women during lactation when milk rushes to the nipple before feeding the baby. However, it is recommended to consult a doctor for any other nipple discharge.

Although in most cases such secretions are not a symptom of a malignant tumor, in some people this can be a threatening sign of a serious illness.

3) Cavities on the skin:

Skin tuberosity can sometimes be a sign of an inflammatory process with an aggressive type of malignant tumor. Cancer cells can cause retention of lymphatic fluid in the breast, which leads to edema, as well as lumps on the skin. Doctors call this change in the appearance of the skin “peau d’orange” (fr. – orange peel) because the tuberous skin resembles the surface of an orange.

4) Changes in the lymph nodes:

Lymph nodes are small rounded tissue formations related to the immune system. They filter the fluid and trap potentially dangerous cells. These include bacteria, viruses, and malignant tumor cells.

If the cancer cell leaves the mammary gland, the first place it moves is in the region of the underarm lymph nodes on the same side as the affected gland. This can cause swelling in this area. This is the main issue in which the shape of lymph is changed and this symptoms of breast cancer in women and in men are the same.

In addition to swollen lymph nodes in the armpit area, similar changes are possible around the collarbone. When palpating, they are defined as small, hard, swollen areas and may be sensitive to touch. However, lymphatic tissue may also change due to the development of an infection in the breast or other diseases.

5) Pain in the chest or nipples:

A malignant tumor in the breast can provoke changes in the skin cells. This leads to pain, increased sensitivity and a feeling of discomfort in the chest. Although breast cancer is often painless, it is important not to ignore any signs or symptoms that may be caused by this disease. Some patients describe the pain as a burning sensation.

6) Pulling or shifting the nipple:

Breast cancer can cause cell changes in the papillary area. This symptoms of breast cancer in women is also a hint in which the shape of the nipple is changed. These changes may cause the nipple to move or retract into the chest. Also, its shape or size can be changed. Changes in the nipples are often noted in women during ovulation or other phases of the menstrual cycle. However, you should visit the doctor with any noticeable change.

7) Redness:

Symptoms of breast cancer can change the shape of the breast and sometime bogy is losing the original shape of men and women also. Breast cancer can cause changes in the skin, accompanied by discoloration or even bruising. Sometime skin may be red or purple or have a bluish tint. In the case of a recent chest injury, these changes should be referred to a specialist. It is also important to consult a doctor if the change in the color of the breast does not disappear, even if the cause was nevertheless an injury.

8) Swelling:

Symptoms of breast cancer in women is also included swelling of the breast. Breast cancer can lead to swelling of the entire breast or a separate part of it. As a result of this process, there may be significant asymmetry of the glands, which is visible to the naked eye. Although for some people this asymmetry is a variant of the norm, this process is a change in the usual size. Tactile skin can also be felt denser.

9) Constant pain:

One of the signs of breast cancer is persistent pulling or shooting pain in the mammary glands or in the armpits. Of course, pain and discomfort can be caused by other reasons – the approaching menstruation or mechanical pressure on the chest. But in this case, it is better to check once again than to miss something important. these symptoms of breast cancer in women are very effective and give the best information about it.

10) Reshaping:

The breast may increase slightly before menstruation, during pregnancy and lactation, but in other cases, its size and shape remain unchanged.

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