The Biography of Salman Khan

The Biography of Salman Khan

 Salman Khan Childhood:

The Biography of Salman Khan was born on December 27, 1965, in the city of Indur in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh in the family of the writer and screenwriter Muslim Salim Khan and the Hindu artist Salma Khan (before marriage, Sushila Charak). Some sources erroneously indicate the year of birth, 1964, but this is not true – Salim and Salma married in the fall of 1964 The Biography of Salman Khan is very impressive.

Salman’s parents have three more natural children – Alvira, Arbaaz and Soheila – and one adopted daughter – Arpita. Later, Salim brought his second wife, the legendary dancer and actress Catholic Helen, famous for her unique style in clothing and dance. Helen has no children of her own, but the children of Salma call her mother.

Although Salma Khan converted to Islam after marriage, and, accordingly, began to pray daily and recite the Qur’an, she did not stop observing Hindu traditions (doing puja, reciting the Gayatri Mantra and Hanuman chalice ). Since the second wife of Salim was a Catholic, on Wednesdays the family went to the Catholic Church for a novel. Therefore, in the family of Salim Khan, the traditions of three religions peacefully coexist for many years and are supported by Islam, Hinduism and Catholicism, the foundations of which Salman and their other children learned in childhood. The family later moved to Bombay, where Salman lives to date.


Salman began his acting career at the age of 22, playing one of the supporting roles in the film ” Spouse ” (1988). The leading role was played by The Biography of Salman Khan the Bollywood diva Rekha, but despite this, the film was not particularly successful.

Fame came to Salman only with the next film – “ I Loved ”, which was released in 1989. The film was a resounding success and became one of the most successful films in the history of Bollywood, and Salman, who played the main role, was awarded the prize for the best debut of the year and was nominated for the prize for the best male role. The painting, subsequently classified as All Time Blockbuster, owed its success not least to its magnificent game and natural charisma.

In 2001, the film “ Alien Child ” was released, which could have been a great success if it hadn’t been for the scandal related to financing (the mafia boss Bharat Shah was suspected of it). Therefore, the screening of the film took place in India with great difficulties. Nevertheless, Salman Khan was awarded the Z-Gold Bollywood Award for best leading actor. In the 2003 film “ I Give All To You ” Salman played one of the best roles in his career[ source not specified 1344 days ]. In the same year, he played a key role in the film “ Love and Betrayal ”, which tells about the life of an elderly couple who helped their children all their lives, but did not receive help from them. The following year, the film “ Not All Is Lost ” was released, touching upon such an unusual topic for Indian cinema as public attitudes towards people with AIDS and HIV-infected people. The significance of this picture and The Biography of Salman Khan the contribution of Salman, who played the role of an AIDS patient, were highly appreciated by the international organization to combat the spread of AIDS and HIV. In the same year, the comedy “ Marry Me ” came out, which was a great success with the public.

The year 2005 was very successful in the career of Salman, who played several diverse roles: the patient of a psychiatric clinic in the film “A Sad Love Story ”, the womanizer and heartthrob in the hits “ In the Maelstrom of Troubles ” and “ How I Loved ” and the romantic hero in the film made in Russia “ Lucky. Not a Time for Love ”, dedicated to the topic of love, middle-aged men and high school students. In 2006, Salman starred in the debut film directed by Shirish Kunder “ My Loved One ”, made in an unusual style for Bollywood and full of unexpected special effects. In 2007, the first Hollywood film with the participation of Salman Khan “finally appeared on the screensMarigold: Journey to India filmed back in 2005. In the same year, they saw the light “ Hello, love! “, Combining a large number of Indian movie stars, and” Partner “, which became a blockbuster and the most successful comedy in the history of Bollywood at that time. In 2007, Salman Khan was awarded the Rajiv Gandhi Prize for his outstanding contribution to the development of Indian cinema.

In 2010:

In 2010, the film ” Vir – the Hero of the People ” was released, in which the actor starred as a rebel fighting against the Raja, who received the status of “average” at the box office. In it, Salman acted not only as an actor but also as a screenwriter. In the same year, the premiere of the action movie “ Fearless ” was held, the producer of which was his brother Arbaz, and Salman himself played the police officer Chubul Pandey. The film became a blockbuster, and The Biography of Salman Khan two years later its sequel came out, as the first film was a commercial success.

In 2016, the only film with his participation was Sultan, where he played the role of a Greco-Roman style fighter paired with Anushka Sharma. The film was a commercial success. In 2017, the Tubelight film was released, where he played a man who is looking for a missing brother with the help of a local boy. The film received a negative rating and failed at the box office. In the same year, the premiere of “The Tiger is Alive “, the sequel to ” Once upon a time there was a tiger ” in 2012, which became a box office hit.

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