How orange improves our health

When we use the word “fruit” then we feel better and fresh because every person likes to eat fruits. But every person has its own taste. Some people like juicy and sweet fruits and some are like bitter fruits. Same as orange is a juicy and bitter fruit which is favorite of the majority of the people. Its taste depends on the verities of orange because there are many varieties of oranges according to their origin and due to new innovations. Orange is rich in Vitamin C which has many health benefits. Following are top 10 health benefits of orange

1: Orange control blood pressure

We know that orange has many anti-oxidant compounds which control blood pressure and reduce cholesterol from the body.


2: Reduce colon cancer

In 1 orange has 116% vitamin C which reduce the chances of colon cancer. Because citrus acid is very beneficial for our health and it also helps to maintain our DNA.


3: Improve Eyesight

Orange has unlimited benefits. It has a lot of carotenoids which improve our eyesight and it reduces the chances of blindness. It increases the capacity of eyes to absorb high light.


4: Reduce kidney disease

That person who face the problem of kidney stones they should use the orange juice regularly. Orange has many vitamins and fibers which improve our kidneys and reduce the kidney diseases.

5: Reduce conception

Orange is full of fibers which protect our body from conception and improve our digestive system. Daily 1 glass juice of orange give relief from the digestive issue.


6: Beneficial for pregnant women’s

Orange has a lot of floats which is very good for pregnant women’s. If a pregnant woman includes orange in their diet they improve her health and they use float easily from orange.

7: Improve respiratory system

Mostly peoples face the problems of the respiratory system. Orange has a high amount of beta-cryptoxanthin which improve our respiratory system. They reduce the chances of lungs cancer and protects our lunges from any disease.

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