who played chelsea on two and a half men

Who played Chelsea on two and a half men

Who played Chelsea on two and a half men. In the cafe, Charlie saw an old acquaintance of Crucy, with whom he had a close relationship 9 years ago, and next to her was a boy who looked surprisingly like Charlie.

And the name of the youth … Chuck. Charlie believed that this was his own son. Pangs of conscience began, which he decided to drown out with a generous check, written out in the name of Crucy … Alan’s relationship with Charlie is collapsing. And all this because of some 38 dollars Charlie borrowed from his brother. But hunks Alan – by the way, hanging on Charlie’s neck and living in his house in Malibu for six years – certainly wanted to get them back.

Alan is in a hurry on a date, and at this time Charlie is practicing in the kitchen – preparing a variety of dishes from eggs … Jake also decided to “break away” and really spend twenty dollars received from his own father. After some time, a telephone rings in Charlie’s house, and Jake reports that he got drunk … And at that time Alan suffers a complete fiasco while standing at the door of his beloved … Melissa, Alan’s secretary, impressed Charlie, who was delivering that day to Alan’s work. So in the evening, Melissa was visiting Charlie, and she was waiting for a cocktail and a romantic night … Alan was not thrilled!

Miss Pasternak, Jake’s former school teacher, Charlie met at the pharmacy. A few years ago they had a connection, but Charlie, as always, left her. A public scandal came out. Miss Pasternak screamed that Charlie had broken her life, that she had been fired from the school, and now she was forced to work at a strip club … Charlie gnaws his guilty feelings after such a statement, and he decides to offer her a job as a tutor to tighten up Jake’s math … Judith wants Jake to live with Alan for at least three months. Alan – do not mind, but for Charlie, it is almost a blow! Jake blabbed that Judith quarreled with Hurb almost round the clock, and their marriage fell apart. This, of course, pleased Alan, and he hurriedly set off to console his ex-wife. But Herb is satisfied. He decided to get to know Charlie better and learn from his experience with girls. Anyway,

Alan is no longer glad that Judith wants to return him to the bosom of the family. It turned out that Charlie didn’t want this either – then the guest room in which Bert’s housekeeper would be free … One evening, Hurst came to Charlie and invited him to go to the bar. From there they came to Hurst, along with prostitutes. Hirst got scared and escaped, and Charlie spoiled for two … Jake was guilty – along with the other boys, he showed the ass to the girls from the bus. Judith punished him for this. Now he will not leave home for two weeks. New acquaintance Charlie Casey persuades him to spend the night in her house. Charlie went for it but soon regretted it. Well, he can’t live in a strange house! In the middle of the night, Charlie fled to his room …

Charlie and Jake went to meet new neighbors. They turned out to be a famous basketball player nicknamed Raging Dog and his young daughter Celest. Charlie swore to the girl’s father that Jake would be completely harmless and his daughter would not be touched, but in reality, everything turned out differently … At this time, Alan, at the request of Charlie, handed over to repair his Mercedes. In the car service, he met some lady and immediately brought her to the house of her absent mother. The meeting ended almost tragically. The lady forced Alan to change into a woman’s dress, and at that time she hijacked a Charlie Mercedes …

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